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Covid-19 Information

School closes on Friday 17th July for the six week summer break. We reopen on Wednesday 2nd September for all pupils. Please see the end of year letter for details of how school will be organised when we reopen. We have undertaken a full risk assessment and an extensive range of safety measures will be in place when all pupils return. The risk assessment can be viewed here.

We will not be providing remote learning during the summer period. Please see ideas and resources below from this term, which you may still find useful.

White Rose Maths

White Rose Maths, along with BBC Bitesize have released daily maths lessons and activities for the Summer Term. As Green Lane Primary Academy follow White Rose for maths, we would like you to take part in these lessons where possible. You can watch the lessons here and use the activity sheets that can be downloaded below for each lesson. Answer sheets are provided for you to check your answers. Lessons are available from EYFS to Y6 and will be updated every week.

The documents have been uploaded to weekly google drive folders for ease of access. Please access the folders below via the links and open the document you want to view. If you want to save the document, click ‘download’ at the top right of the screen.

EYFS – W1 W2W3W5W7W8W10W11

Y1 – W1W2W3W4W5W6W7W8W9W10W11W12

Y2 – W1W2W3W4W5W6W7W8W9W10W11W12

Y3 – W1W2W3W4W5W6W7W8W9W10W11W12

Y4 – W1W2W3W4W5W6W7W8W9W10W11W12

Y5 – W1W2W3W4W5W6W7W8W9W10W11W12

Y6 – W1W2W3W4W5W6W7W8W9W10W11W12


The education resource website, Twinkl, has provided a free log in for parents to use during this time.

To log in, please go to www.twinkl.co.uk/offer and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

TWINKL have provided a ‘school closure resource pack’ for each year group. Please use these resources with your children.

EYFS Pack – Click here
Year One Pack – Click here
Year Two Pack – Click here
Year Three Pack – Click here
Year Four Pack – Click here
Year Five Pack – Click here
Year Six Pack – Click here

BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize has a vast range of resources and daily lessons for all ages.

Mr Hall’s English Challenges – For All Ages

1 – The Book Review Challenge
What have you been reading? What did you think of it? Tell us all about it and maybe win a prize! Write a book review and, if you are feeling brave, film it! This can be in whatever form you like as long as it tells us about the book you are reading or a book you love!

If you access this folder, there is a PowerPoint to give you some hints and tips and also some suggested templates for you to use, but if you want to change them or do it in a different way then be as creative as you like. I look forward to seeing them all and finding out about what everyone is reading. If you want to show off your work, please ask your adult to tweet any videos or pictures to @GLPrimary

2 – The VE Day Challenge
To find instructions and resources for this challenge, please access this folder and select the activities you would like to do.

Roald Dahl Challenges

‘Middlesbrough Reads’ is offering a Roald Dahl challenge in the form of a weekly competition. Please see below for more details.

Week 1 activities: please click here for EYFS and here for KS1 and KS2.
Week 2 activities: please click here for EYFS and here for KS1 and KS2.
Week 3 activities: please click here for EYFS and here for KS1 and KS2.
Week 4 activities: please click here for EYFS and here for KS1 and KS2.
Week 5 activities: please click here for EYFS and here for KS1 and KS2.

Write a Story with Rachael Wong

Click here for more information on how to take part in writing a story that updates every week, with famous author Rachael Wong.

June Update – The collaborative story ‘Parmo to the Rescue’ has been completed, but there are no illustrations to accompany the story! Rachael is currently running a competition for children to submit illustrations. Please ask an adult to email your completed illustrations to bororeads@literacytrust.org.uk by 5pm on Friday 10th July, including your name, age and school. Winners will have their illustrations included in the final book.

Football Activities with Tom Palmer

With the huge excitement of Premier League Football restarting, and more importantly, the mighty Boro at the weekend, all you football fans out there might want to check out Tom Palmer’s website for some brilliant football related activities. Mr Hall would love to see the results!

Puffin Books

The Puffin Books YouTube channel has some excellent stories and podcasts.

The Bororeads Midsummer Challenge

Have a look at this calendar for information on how to enter the daily competition with Bororeads. Daily winners will be selected and the prizes of books will be posted to the winners.


Professor Brainstorm, who visits our school regularly, has provided some amazing science experiments that can be carried out at home with minimal equipment. Please click here to access his website – it is being updated often.

Dyson engineers have designed these challenges, specifically for children. For further guidance on how to complete the challenges, please click here to see a range of videos made by Dyson.

CompassSTEM have provided 32 home activity cards, which are superb practical science experiments that can be carried out at home. Take a look and start experimenting!


Tees Valley Music Service have provided free login details to access the ‘Snappy Classroom’ music lessons, aimed at EYFS and KS1 children. Please click here to access the guidance and resource packs.

Oak National Academy

The government has launched the Oak National Academy. This online academy contains a range of resources to be used at home.

Celebrity Lessons

♦️9.00am – PE with Joe Wicks

♦️10.00am – Maths with Carol Vorderman

♦️11.00am – English with David Walliams

♦️12.00pm – Lunch (cooking with Jamie Oliver)

♦️1.00pm – Music with Myleene Klass

♦️1.30pm – Dance with Darcey Bussel

♦️2.00pm – History with Dan Snow (free for 30-days)

♦️4.00pm – Home Economics with Theo Michaels (Mon/Wed/Fri)

Physical Education – For All Ages

The Virtual School Games is starting the week beginning 15th June. Complete two activities at home every day and submit your results to compete against other Middlesbrough schools. This document contains more information on how to compete and submit your results.

Mr Baldwin has collated a list of excellent PE resources to use at home. Please click here.

Joe Wicks is offering a free virtual PE lesson every morning via a live feed. He will be streaming regularly at 9am from his YouTube channel, ‘The Body Coach’.

Please click here for Mrs Pennick’s yoga guide. There is also now part two!
Part Three is also now available.

The scouts have offered a great selection of activities. Please click here for those.

The Home School Festival booklet has everything you need to create your own fantastic afternoon of physical activities.

Picture News Resources

Picture News provides a range of resources for discussing the news and current events with children.

Resource Pack – 27th April
Resource Pack – 25th May
Resource Pack – 22nd June
Working From Home – 25th May
Working From Home – 22nd June

Further Guidance

In addition to the above, below are instructions for work from our year group teaching teams. Please scroll down to your child’s year group for more information. If your child has been asked to access Google Classroom, please go to www.classroom.google.com and log in. The username format is firstname.lastname@greenlanemiddlesbrough.co.uk. Your child has been given their password.


Please see the Summer Curriculum Overview to get your child ready for reception.

Please see our Welcome Brochure for children attending nursery for the academic year 2020-21. Please note that Acorn, our breakfast and after school childcare club, is available for nursery aged children upwards. For more information, please contact Mrs Hall on 07944 418577. Acorn is planning to reopen in September 2020.

Our Expectations for Nursery Children is an important document that should be read by all parents of children about to attend our nursery.

Learning ideas for nursery children:

Make a card/picture for Mrs Hoskins, Miss Anderson or Mrs Wilson.
Build a cave using blankets and pillows.

Have a birthday party for your favourite toy.  Make it a card, a cake and wrap up a present for it.

Make marks in a tray of uncooked rice.  You could make circles, lines, numbers and letter shapes.

Make cookies and decorate them.

Go on a treasure hunt around the house.

Play I Spy.

Look through some old photos and talk about special events.

Make sock puppets.

Make your own number cards and play snap with them.

Match numbers to items.  E.g. How many pasta pieces would you put next to a given number?

Play shops.

Paint some pictures.

Please click here for more activities from Mrs Hoskins!

Click here for some Stay at Home Bingo!


Middlesbrough’s School Readiness Team are encouraging all parents of children aged 0-5 to sign up to the ‘Hungry Little Minds’ monthly newsletter. Please follow this link to register your details.

Click here for activities on the Reception Spring 2 Topic – Pirates.

Click here for the Reception Bingo Board

Log in to Twinkl and use the following resources:

EYFS section and play any of the online games.

Superhero Counting Sheet 1-20.

Ordering Numbers 1-20.

Number formations worksheet 1-20.

Double the ladybird spots.

CVC word and picture writing worksheet.

CVCC word and picture matching worksheet.

Writing stimulus picture pack.

Year One

Please click here for a folder of English and Maths work.

Log in to Twinkl and use the following resources:

Counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

Number bonds to 20.

Counting back from/to 100.

1 more/1 less up to 50.

Partitioning into 10’s and 1’s.

Read and write numbers to 50 in words.

Year 1 tricky words/common exception words.

Year Two

Log in to Twinkl and use the following resources:

KS1 Maths Arithmetic tests.

KS1 Year 2 Example Reasoning Paper (test pack).

Year 2 SATs Reading Assessment Pack 2019.

Sorting Healthy and Unhealthy Foods interactive game.

Times Tables Rockstars.

Hit The Button.



Year Three

Work Set W/C 6.7.20

English – Subordinating Conjunctions

  1. What is a subordinating conjunction? Look at PowerPoint 1 to help with your understanding.
  2. Look at the rainbow poster to remind you of the different subordinating conjunctions.  You can use this sheet to help you with your activities.
  3. Can you find and underline the subordinating conjunctions in these sentences?
  4. Complete the missing jigsaw pieces.  Use subordinating conjunctions to finish off the subordinating clauses.

Maths – White Rose Maths Activities

Please use the knowledge organiser to help further your understanding when completing the White Rose lessons:

Mass and Capacity knowledge organiser.

Science – Marvellous Mirrors

  1. Look at the Marvellous Mirrors PowerPoint.  How can you use a mirror to reflect light?  Can you explain how mirrors work?
  2. Can you play the mirror game?

Topic – Greeks

  1. Read ‘The Story of Icarus’ and complete the comprehension work sheets.
  2. Research and design an informative leaflet advertising the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, which was rescheduled due to Covid-19. Read the instructions and try to create an eye-catching leaflet to inspire young people for next year’s Olympic Games.

Work Set W/C 13.7.20

English – Positive Thinking

  1. Positive thinking activity.
  2. What have you enjoyed during lockdown? What types of things will you continue to do?  What are you looking forward to in September? Use the worksheet to write down some ideas and add some illustrations in the red boxes. You could share these with your teachers on the next Zoom chat.
  3. Use the diary template to record a positive thought at the end of each day.  Did you manage to achieve something new? Did you make someone smile? Did you help someone in need?  You could write captions and draw pictures to match.

Maths – White Rose Maths Activities

Please use the PowerPoint to help further your understanding when completing the White Rose lessons:

  1. Types of graphs

Science – Sun Safety

  1. Sun Safety PowerPoint.
  2. Design a pair of sunglasses or a hat that will protect someone’s eyes from the harmful effects of the sun.
  3. Advertise your sun protection item.  Tell your customers why they need to buy your sunglasses or hat. Explain about the effects of the sun.  How will your sunglasses or hat can help protect people against the sun rays?

Topic – Greeks

  1. Create a word of your choice using letters from the Greek Alphabet. Then write your word in big, creative and colourful writing using the Greek Letters. You will have to think about your word carefully, making sure the right letters are available in the Greek Alphabet.
  2. Use all the knowledge you’ve learnt about the Greek Gods and their powers to create and describe your own God or Goddesses. You can research the following Gods/Goddesses for inspiration: Zeus, Apollo, Aphrodite, Hera, Poseidon or Athena. Please include a picture and written description all about your new God or Goddesses.

Year Four

Use White Rose Maths and BBC Bitesize for daily lessons. Check the Classroom for extra challenges, to ask your teacher any questions or share work and, of course, your daily dose of Harry Potter!

Year Five

The Jar Collector is a fantastic English project from Mr Hall. Use the amazing artwork to make inferences, answer questions and build a piece of writing.

Your topic for the summer term is ‘Extreme Earth’. Please click here to access a folder of work based around volcanoes and Pompeii! There are writing tasks, reading tasks and art work to complete.

Please click here to access comprehension activities on the topic of mountains. Please click here to access Year Five GPS activities.

‘When This is All Over…’ is a brilliant geography project for you to complete. Pick your favourite country and research it!

Also, the year five teaching team have included the following suggestions for activities:

Read fiction and non-fiction books

Times Table Rockstars

Read Theory Website

Reading Plus (Mrs Healy’s English class)



Write a daily diary

Story Setting descriptions (Twinkl version)

Picture Stimulus Website – answer questions and write a story

Maths – Place Value and basic skills

Learn about a country of your choice and create a poster/leaflet

Learn about a town/city//region in our country.

Learn about an animal

Learn about an era of history e.g Prehistoric(dinosaurs, Ancient Greeks etc)

Writing/art activities relating to your favourite book.

Make models with junk materials.

Write your own stories.

Learn how to draw – Use tutorials on Youtube

Make a list of 5 things you have never done before but you would like to try.

Learn how to tie your laces.

Learn how to tie a school tie.

Learn a new sport, tennis/table-tennis/skipping

Make a papier-mâché globe and mark the continents

Learn a magic trick or new skill to bring back to school

Year Six

For daily work, please use White Rose Maths, Twinkl and BBC Bitesize. The links and instructions for all of these are included at the top of this page.

To access extra work and messages from teachers, please log into Google Classroom every day. (www.classroom.google.com).

We have discussed with the children how to access Google Classroom and we have reset passwords for those children who required it.

Also, please click here for the 2019 Reading Paper, here for the 2019 GPS Paper and here for the 2019 Maths Papers.

Outwood Academy Acklam has provided transition documents for pupils attending in September. Please click here to access the folder.

Outwood have also provided a free website called Numerise, which is full of Maths activities to prepare children for Year 7.

For children who are attending Acklam Grange, the transition staff from MFC Foundation have asked you to visit this website. Here you will find information about your transition and some messages from MFC Foundation staff.

Also, please see this letter from Acklam Grange regarding transition.

Acklam Grange are now planning to host a Virtual Induction Week from 29th June – 3rd July.


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