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Join The Governing Body

We welcome expressions of interest from individuals who would wish to join the governing body and these will be taken into consideration when a vacancy arises.

From September 2014, there are new skills-based eligibility criteria for appointed governors which require that any newly appointed governor has in the opinion of the person/s making the appointment ‘the skills required to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school/academy’. This could include specific skills such as an ability to understand data or finances as well as more general capabilities.

These changes have been made to ensure that all governing bodies understand the importance of appointing persons with the necessary skills to improve the overall effectiveness of the governing body.

The eligibility criteria for elected parent governors and staff governors remain the same, but the Governing Body will make clear when a vacancy becomes available the skills they are looking for to inform the electorate.

Statement of Pecuniary Interest

In accordance with best practice and the Academies Financial Handbook, Green Lane Primary Academy collects the business and pecuniary interests of all directors and senior staff.

Governors and staff should declare any links they have with local firms from which the school may wish to buy goods or services. It is important for anyone involved in spending public money to demonstrate that they do not benefit personally from decisions that they make.

There is a requirement on any person who is present at a meeting of the academy board to declare a pecuniary interest direct or indirect. This relates to any contract, proposed contract or other matter that is being considered. The person must disclose the fact as soon as is practical at the meeting and take no part in the consideration or discussion of the contract or matter concerned. In addition, the person cannot vote on any question with respect to the contract or matter.

Green Lane Primary Academy Governing Body declared business / pecuniary interests:

Full Governing Body Business &/or Pecuniary Interest Declared (September 19)
Jill Forrester Director National Association of Disability Practitioners
Helen Ellis Employee Xentrall Stockton
Linda Etherington None
Saliah Hameed Company Director FM Corporations WL Investment
Lucy Donner Employee Department for Education
Sean Wilson Employee Ironstone Trust
Mark Pagan None
Jessica Roberts Employee Carmel Education Trust
Jackie Walsh None
Chris Wain None Educational Adviser to the Governors – No Voting Rights
Richard Mills None
Paul Green None

The full register of business & pecuniary interests is held with the Senior Administrator and is updated regularly.

This webpage will be updated at least annually or as such time as an interest is declared or an existing interest changes.

Helen Bone and Jane Thackstone, senior leaders of Green Lane Primary Academy, are Trustees of Our Children 1st Multi Academy Trust.